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Dynadjust Advantages

The Device:

  • Ergonomically designed to promote accurate exercise postures and Doctor / Patient positioning during training.

  • Provides measurement of every aspect of the dynamic thrust in various styles and techniques.

  • Designed to reproduce realistic and infinitely variable exercise parameters, and physical challenges.

  • Provides instantaneous objective feedback on skill level and points of weakness with every thrust.

  • Light and portable, with environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries.

  • Cordless, self-contained design allows for training in nearly any setting.

  • Inexpensive, short term leasing options for students and field doctors. Each unit is recycled many times during its useful life.

  • Made in the U.S.A., and privately held by American citizens.

  • On-Line individual training centers for every user.

For the Student:

  • Integrate palpation, anatomy, physical conditioning, and manipulative therapy in ultra-effective training sessions.

  • Build confidence, strength and coordination at a rapid pace.

  • Identify and eliminate weaknesses in technique.

  • Train your body safely and efficiently to produce superior results.

  • Maximize your time and your educational experience by cross training with the device.

  • Ensure your future as a gifted and proficient physician.

  • Perfect your skills with new techniques safely at home.

For Instructors:

  • Monitor and track the skills of individual students easily and quickly.

  • Identify problem areas quickly, and prescribe specific exercises to improve performance.

  • Design custom exercise parameter sets for any style or technique.

  • Clear and maximize valuable class time by assigning individually customized exercise regimens for each student.

  • Quickly identify gifted students for promotion or advancement to maximize the potential of every student.

  • Integrate the development of the student’s physical skills with other aspects of their education in every training session.

For Institutions:

  • Enjoy easy access to the progress of every student via the central on-line training center.

  • Have objective evidence of skill in every aspect of student’s ability to perform safe and effective manipulation.

  • Enjoy enhanced insulation from liability issues related to student’s skills and advancement.

  • Establish meaningful and productive relationships with every student during the interim prior to matriculation.

  • Share increased revenues from continuing education programs specific to each school.

For Practicing Physicians

  • Get your continuing education credits in the privacy of your home or office.

  • Polish your skills and techniques on a regular basis while earning CE credits.

  • Perfect new doctor / patient positioning and adjusting techniques safely at home.

  • Use the device to re-habilitate injuries in your own body.

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