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OrthoNeuro Certified Instructor

OrthoNeuro Certified Instructor Course

The OrthoNeuro Certified Instructor (OCI) course is the most comprehensive certification program offered by OrthoNeuro Technologies (ONT). The goal of the OCI course is to produce qualified Instructors with the necessary knowledge and skill to utilize the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System in both academic and continuing education settings.

OCI Course

The OCI course consists of three parts:

  1. An on-line, self-guided curriculum detailing the science, design, use, and system administration protocols of the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System.
  2. A Hands-on training program to gain the necessary skill and experience in using the Dynadjust. OCI candidates are provided an on-line student account and a Dynadjust instrument.
  3. On-line support and scheduled conference calls to help faculty quickly integrate the Dynadjust into their program.

OCI Course Objectives and Benefits

  • Be capable of training students of any level, monitor their progress, and provide feedback and give assignments based on quantifiable data.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to set-up customized training regimens, track and report results, and manage all aspects of any lab or training program utilizing the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System.
  • Be able to independently conduct Continuing Education courses utilizing the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System.
  • Granted Level Two access to the web-based ONT Service Center which allows student registration, class roster creation, and report generation for homework or distance-learning activities.
  • The OCI course provides training regimens designed by the ONT clinical staff for Instructors to use and modify for their own curriculum.
  • OCI's are granted access to ONT's technical and clinical support staff through the Program Director and are listed on the ONT website as a Certified Instructor for two years.
  • OCI's can receive up to 6 hours of distance learning Continuing Education hours at the completion of the OCI course in accordance with the laws and regulations of their State or Province of Licensure.

The course and two year OCI certification: $895


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