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OrthoNeuro Certified Practitioner

OrthoNeuro Certified Practitioner Course

Introducing the first fully interactive, on-line home-study training program capable of evaluating and improving your ability to perform the physical maneuvers needed to produce effective High Velocity, Low Amplitude (HVLA) joint manipulations. The Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System will measure and outline your technique strengths and weaknesses. From there, your own customized training regimen can be developed. The Dynadjust regimen has been shown to maximize precision, speed, and confidence in adjusting skills. Successful completion of the course will earn you the "OrthoNeuro Certified Practitioner" (OCP) designation.

OCP Course

The OCP course is an intense and rigorous psychomotor training program. Regardless of your present level of skill, you will see improvement in your HVLA skills in a quick and easily quantified manner. The course incorporates follow-along tutorial videos and exercise parameters designed specifically to enhance your HVLA thrusting skills, in both hands, and in any doctor or patient position.

Benefits of becoming OCP

All OCPs are encouraged to display the OCP designation logo at their office, on business cards, and online to communicate their commitment to obtaining and maintaining mastery in adjustive technique
OCP practitioners will be listed on OrthoNeuro Technologies website as a Certified Practitioner in HVLA skills necessary to better serve their patients and distinguish their practice. A link will be provided to each OCP's Clinic website
A personalized online user account will continually track and retain your HVLA exercise history to show your performance and to track changes

Your patients will enjoy enhanced safety and technique precision from the advancement of your psychomotor skills
Set your practice apart by being able to advertise your advanced training involving the quantitative documentation of your skill and precision in the delivery HVLA adjustments in order to provide safe and effective treatments.

One Year Certification: $395

View the OCP background video for more information or order today!


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